Hardwood Flooring

Wood Flooring

Some trees have bold grain patterns, such as oak, and are associated with an informal or a country look. Others, such as maple and birch, have a subtle, more refined grain and tend to be found in a more traditional setting.

Darker tones can give you a more formal or traditional feel, while lighter tones complete the more casual room. Or you can think even more creatively. The shade of your floor can also be inspired by a color of fabric, a piece of art, or a beautiful countertop.

The gloss level refers to the finish and visual sheen of the product. It ranges from a smooth, soft satin to a crisp and glassy, high gloss.

The edge style of the wood floor you choose does matter. Square edge boards fit flush against each other for a smooth, elegant feel. A full bevel or micro bevel edge creates an angled effect with depth and dimension.

Hardwood comes in varying widths from 2 1/4" all the way up to 5" or even wider. These widths can convey either a sophisticated or a casual look and can coordinate with whatever d├ęcor you choose for your room.

All Carpet One® Floor & Home floors are created from the finest materials and are engineered to last. Look for our Titanium and Platinum labeled floors, which are among the thickest and strongest in the industry and carry our highest level warranties.


If you're installing wood floors in a basement or other room that might be exposed to moisture, look for "all grades" flooring. Carpet One® Floor & Home floors are engineered for years of performance under the most challenging conditions.

You'll be amazed how a simple addition of the perfect trim can finish your room with a professional edge. Carpet One® Floor & Home moldings are manufactured from the finest grades of hardwood developed to coordinate perfectly with your new floor.

We assess your home for the best possible installation option, and our certified installers deliver on our promise of installation excellence.